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The Shadow Archetype“.

The Shadow Archetype – The most recent release, released on March 10, 2017

“A monster it is! Big and muscular, with seething eyes. The Shadow Archetype’s not at all the kind of thing to meet head on. Tracks like “Condemned to the Grave“, “The Coroner“, “Survival of the Sickest“, and “The Shadow Archetype” (check out the chilling Stanley Milgram sample) embody death metal’s heartiest and heaviest of traits. Like if Bolt Thrower war machined over Entombed‘s “Bitter Loss”. Or if Asphyx strangled Paradise Lost‘s “Dead Emotion”.

Musically, The Shadow Archetype is first-rate Evocation. But it’s the production that brings out the best in the band. Whether it’s session drummer Per Møller Jensen’s (ex-The Haunted, ex-Invocator) veteran pounding swing and Palmén and Exner’s colossal riffs or Jorde’s hammering bass and Josefsson’s unreal growls, the production preserves the Swedes’ past (the opening to “Dark Day Sunrise” is a must-hear!) while also being entirely contemporary. Few bands of recent memory have made a record that’s as crushingly heavy as The Shadow Archetype.

Really, after four dormant years, Evocation has come back with a new lineup, a new album in The Shadow Archetype, and the mighty Metal Blade as their death metal benefactor. If there’s anywhere left for the Swedes to go – after 12 years back on the steed of Conquest – it’s up.

All hail Evocation!
/Chris Dick


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